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Navigating the Road

Carbon risk management does not have to be guesswork. As markets evolve and become more complex, we can help you arrive at a strategy that can put your emissions to work for you.

How can you proceed safely?

Profiting from and mitigating the costs of emissions.

The road ahead will throw things at you - there will be rocks falling, potholes and dangerous curves. With global carbon regulation, including the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and cap and trade legislation on the horizon in the U.S., knowing what's here and what's ahead is imperative for any organization. Companies must be prepared to manage carbon as a commodity and employing strategic risk management practices is key. Summit's team of risk management professionals have extensive, global expertise at helping companies stay on course and out of harm's way when it comes to managing the risks associated with carbon and environmental commodities. Our team helps clients:

  • Strategize on cost-effective carbon commodity management
  • Understand voluntary and compliance market carbon standards
  • Leverage market pricing dynamics and trading possibilities
  • Monetize and trade carbon credits and offsets
  • Report on their current hedge position
European Carbon Outlook

Carbon Management
Few companies can match Summit's worldwide expertise in carbon management. Whether you are a seller seeking to profit from selling emission credits or a buyer seeking to offset your emissions under a regulatory protocol such as the EU-ETS, Summit's team can point you in the right direction.

Our dedicated team of professionals has a unique combination of the skills and market intelligence you need to assess your carbon exposure. With Summit as your carbon partner, you can:

  • Gain access to our proprietary carbon pricing model. Unlike traders' models that are focused on providing short term guidance for market moves, Summit's model focuses on identifying market trends and evaluating the risk and reward of various positions.
  • Receive timely outlooks that detail our insights and opinions on the global compliance and voluntary carbon markets
  • Attain lowest cost carbon compliance (i.e., cost/benefit of investing in technology and projects to reduce emissions versus buying credits)
  • Assess your market position as a buyer or seller of carbon credits and providing buy/sell transactional support

Carbon Offsets and Project Development
In today's emerging carbon markets, it's important that organizations utilize a host of options to achieve sustainability initiatives and maintain carbon compliance. Summit's team can help you identify, evaluate, register, buy/sell and profit from applicable carbon credit projects - whether as a means of compliance or related to projects that offset your own carbon emissions. Summit is a valued partner in gauging projects and credit utilization that can yield the best return on your carbon reduction dollar. Our team helps clients:

  • Utilize (i.e., procure) certified emissions reductions (CERs) and/or voluntary emission reductions (VERs) to meet compliance and stewardship obligations
  • Evaluate the feasibility of CER projects according to appropriate standards
  • Assess the applicability of VER projects according to emerging voluntary market standards
  • Register credits with appropriate standard bodies
  • Monetize credits through optimal sales channels

Report : GHG / Carbon Emission Reporting