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Measuring the Progress

Mixed signals are a bad thing on the road to sustainability. Summit can help ensure that your communications efforts are accurate and consistent, driving heightened levels of credibility within your stakeholder universe.

Are you making progress?

Getting your story straight.

Nothing torpedoes your credibility quicker than discrepancies in your communications. Are you able to speak with one unified voice to all relevant audiences? Do your facts line up? Are you intentionally communicating to them on a regular basis? Summit's strength at capturing relevant data points as well as our experience in sharing that information with the right audiences helps companies close the loop in their sustainability programs, ensuring that the efforts are adequately and clearly articulated.

Corporate Communications
Getting everyone in your organization on board is vital to achieving your goals. Summit helps companies develop communications strategies that encourage employees to become active in reducing GHG emissions, present clear information to shareholders and keep the media and other external organizations informed about your progress. It is also sometimes necessary to share that the road has not been smooth and you have hit a few bumps. If you get a flat tire along the road, you gain tremendous credibility when you swiftly report it and let your stakeholders know your plan for fixing it and getting back on the road. Communicating accurately and honestly is essential in maintaining credibility. Giving people the facts helps keep them stay engaged and supportive.

Organizations have a myriad of considerations as it relates to sustainability communications. There may be product marketing concerns, brand drivers or sector-specific issues to take into consideration. Executives may want real-time dashboards. Employees may want regular updates on conservation programs. Industry watchdog groups are relentlessly searching for any chink in the communications armor. Summit can help companies balance the needs of these groups as well as provide reliable, verifiable data backing up any claims.

Industry Reporting Initiatives
Summit's expert team can provide critical support for investor surveys and other industry reporting initiatives. Our reporting tools provide instant information access and our experienced team can help provide interpretation of sometimes confusing reporting systems. We have advised and supported clients reporting across various initiatives including:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Additionally, we help put processes in place to streamline your organization's responses to these increasingly important surveys and questionnaires. Rather than look at these initiatives as a necessary evil, your organization can come to view them as one more tool in the toolkit for getting maximum return from your sustainability dollar. They will likely only grow in importance.

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