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Establishing The Destination

Our worldwide, world-wise expertise combined with local market intelligence helps you implement a customized sustainability plan that provides mile markers along the way so you know you're going down the right road.

Where do you need to be?

Know your starting point, in a measurable way.

The CarbonMap™ is Summit's proprietary methodology for establishing the guidelines for accurately measuring your carbon footprint. While we recognize that measuring carbon emissions is only one piece of the sustainability puzzle, it is often one that companies struggle with successfully implementing. Our team of trained, environmental professionals is skilled in every form of emissions inventory development. Specifically, the CarbonMap™ provides a framework for identifying and quantifying your GHG emissions sources allowing you to accurately set an emissions baseline that optimally positions your organization for customer or investor reporting and regulatory compliance. It also outlines efficient processes to ensure that your organization will consistently capture and report greenhouse gas emissions data in a succinct, efficient manner.

Summit's experts help clients make strategic decisions regarding the building of a cost-effective emissions reporting program that can stand up to future regulatory and third-party verification rigor.

The tailored inventory management plan sets GHG emissions reporting parameters such as the following:

  • Appropriate boundary conditions that set the scope of reporting for operations and assets
  • Emissions calculation methodologies for energy and process related emissions
  • Data management processes
  • Auditing and verification procedures

Summit is uniquely positioned to provide sustainability reporting solutions, due to our experience with streamlined and global data management. Our team of sustainability professionals have deep background and expertise in building comprehensive carbon and GHG emissions inventories. The combination of these skills allows us to compile and provide a comprehensive plan to tackle your emissions reporting programs across energy, process and other prominent areas.

Armed with your organization's CarbonMap™, built on a foundation of data management, an emissions reporting program, and a common point of reference established through the Sustainability Exchange, you are now amply supplied to successfully proceed on the sustainability journey.

Plan : Sustainability Roadmap