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Today we have more than 850 professionals in 38 international offices managing more than $30 billion in annualized global energy spend. We manage energy in more than 100 countries for thousands of end users. We know the lay of the land, all over the land.

Sustainability Webinars

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CDP Webinar From Measurement to Management: Key Trends & Developments for Reporting to CDP
Original Live Date: 07 April, 2011
Following CDP's Spring Workshop in New York City, the Carbon Disclosure Project's CEO, Paul Simpson, joined John Hoekstra, Summit Energy's director of sustainability, to discuss key trends, and provide insight on how to optimize carbon management and disclosure to CDP. Additional areas of focus for CDP such as water disclosure and developments in the Supply Chain Program also were discussed. » view webinar
EU ETS Phase 3 Webinar EU ETS Phase 3: How The Coming Changes Will Affect Your Operation
Original Live Date: 31 March, 2011
During this webinar, Walter Holvoet, Business Manager of Sustainability, explained what companies can expect from Phase 3 of the EU Emissions Trading System. On the webinar, you will learn the key differences between Phase 2 and Phase 3, the benchmark rules for Carbon Leakage and Non-Carbon Leakage facilities, steps your company must take very soon to begin compliance, the long-term issues that will require attention/expertise and actions that must be taken now to prepare for 2013. » view webinar
Carbon Strategy Webinar 2010 Update -- Software Without Thorough Processes
Original Live Date: 29 June, 2010
During this webinar, Summit provided insight and updates on how companies are managing their global carbon emissions, water and waste exposure from cradle to cradle. We also discussed best practices around collecting and maintaining "smart" data to ensure your sustainability reporting program can withstand the scrutiny of third-party verification and compliance-based reporting. » view webinar
Carbon Strategy Webinar Carbon Strategy: Driving Results Throughout a Large Organization
Original Live Date: 11 May, 2010
During this webinar, John Schinter, AT&T's Executive Director of Energy, shared the successes AT&T has realized as a result of their carbon and sustainability initiatives. He was joined by Marc Gunther, Contributing Editor for GreenBiz.com and Bill Brewer, VP of Sourcing and Sustainability for Summit Energy to provide environmental sector and energy industry perspectives. » view webinar
Sustainability Software Webinar Software Without Thorough Processes: Like Putting the Cart Before the Horse
Original Live Date: 15 December, 2009
Regulations are emerging that require companies to collect and report emissions data. Just putting all your data in software isn't the right place to start. The key is getting clean, auditable data first. To meet this need, Summit built a "smart" sustainability and enterprise carbon reporting solution. Watch this webinar to see how Summit can ensure you put the horse in front of the cart. » view webinar
Sustainability in your global supply and distribution network Sustainability in Your Global Supply and Distribution Network
Original Live Date: December 10, 2009
Summit contributed to a joint webinar with Centrica and Integrity Interactive on the sustainability issues facing the supply chain. Summit provides background on the issues ranging from carbon management with upstream suppliers to social compliance. Summit also provides best practice recommendations on how to develop a best in class supply chain program for sustainability. » view slides
CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Webinar The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Are you Ready?
Original Live Date: 8 December, 2009
Regulations and compliance with the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme are right around the corner. Prepare yourself by watching this webinar full of insight into the requirements, best practices and key strategies for maintaining compliance. Learn how to maximize your company's financial position under the scheme. » view webinar
Post-Kyoto Webinar Prepare Your Company for Post-Kyoto
Original Live Date: 18 June, 2009
This webinar includes information about the Kyoto Protocol and its effect on European industry, as well as what you can expect from the post-Kyoto negotiaions in Kopenhagen in November, 2009. You will learn how your company can benefit by being pro-active with renewable energy initiatives and preparing for upcoming regulations. » view webinar
Roadmap to Sustainability Webinar Roadmap to Sustainability
Original Live Dates: 16 October - 20 November, 2008
This six-part webinar series discusses the emerging topic of sustainability. Upon completion of the series, participants will have an understanding of all facets of sustainability - from strategy and planning to carbon emissions management to corporate messaging opportunities. For more information about this series, please contact us and we'll be pleased to share the recordings with you. » email us
Building Sustainability Webinar Building Sustainability Event
Original Live Date: 11 September 2008
Summit offered a free seminar at the Spectrum Center in Addison, TX focused on sustainability topics for property management professionals. If you missed the event, view the slides to learn about issues your organization should be addressing with the changing market pressures and regulatory landscape. » view slides

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